Stone Irr - All That We Want Anymore

Leading single from Stone’s upcoming LP, “Performance”. Recorded/mixed last July/September, respectively. I engineered, mixed, and helped produce the album, played a little bit on it too.


2017 in review

It is now 2018. Here's a quick lil summary of what I can remember happened in 2017.

According to my gig tracker excel spreadsheet that I just updated, I played around 140 shows in 2017. I updated my spreadsheet probably 6 times in 2017, usually at the laundromat. This is also where I usually update this website, although right now I'm updating it in my bed. 

Played some shows in Europe with Cale Tyson. Van got broken into once. Played a weird honky tonk in Spain. Ate mostly bread and also you can buy these huge bottles of seltzer water over there (europe) called SPA and they come in different bubble strengths. Extremely tight. I liked the "intense" ones.

I started Call & Response, a weekly music series at the Blockhouse Bar. I curate the shows as well as lead the House Band. It's one of the best things I've ever done and I'm so happy to have it going. 

Did a bunch of sessions and made some records, most notably: played guitar on the upcoming Major Murphy record, played keys on the upcoming Open Sex record, engineered and produced the upcoming Kevin Krauter record. Released a new tape of solo material, available here.

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July, 2017

Hi everyone

A few upcoming things --

June 28th was my final Wednesday night gig at the Chatterbox. I’m lucky and grateful to have made a lot music that I’m very proud of with my pals Nick and Joel Tucker, Sophie Faught, David Linard, and many other friends over the past 4 or so years. Three records came out of this time :

Sophie Faught Quartet "Day One"

Sophie Faught Trio "Three Muses"

and the upcoming Tucker Brothers Group album "Writing Prompts"

The following Wednesday night, July 5th, was the first show in a weekly series I’m starting here in Bloomington at the Blockhouse Bar. Playing in the house band for the series is Matthew Setzler, Evan Main, and Philip Wailes and myself. Thanks to the incomparable Aaron Denton for the design work. 
More info on the series is available here --
Call & Response

On July 13th, I’ll be debuting some new music at this show Hanging Hearts, Jonah Parzen-Johnson, & Ben Lumsdaine. The band will feature Connor Evans, Jeff Greene, Evan Main, and Kristin Olson. Hanging Hearts is a great band full of my pals and Jonah Parzen-Johnson is gonna rip.

There are a lot of other shows coming up with Spissy, Jason Wilber, Kevin Krauter, Sean Imboden’s new large ensemble, Diane Coffee and others.

Lastly, I have a new tape of solo material coming out on Magnetic South this summer. Features a lot of keyboard and drum machine experiments. Feeling pretty happy about how everything turned out. Maybe I'll figure out how to play some of it live and play some shows, who knows.

Thanks for reading,
one luv


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April & May, 2017

Hello dear reader

Lots coming up in the next few:

April 15: playing drums with my pal Kevin Krauter for a full band debut at Culture Shock. 

April 21: Spissy plays the Bishop in Bloomington, alongside one of the greatest live bands I've ever seen (really), Swarming Branch, from Columbus, OH. 

April 23: Diane Coffee plays the Bluebird with Of Montreal. We supported them on a tour last year and it was a blast. Looking forward to hanging again.

May 1 - June 4: Heading to Europe with Nashville country artist Cale Tyson. Full list of tour dates here

Spissy is working on writing our new full length, and I've just finished up a new solo record of ambient-leaning keyboard music. Stay tuned.

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