2017 in review

It is now 2018. Here's a quick lil summary of what I can remember happened in 2017.

According to my gig tracker excel spreadsheet that I just updated, I played around 140 shows in 2017. I updated my spreadsheet probably 6 times in 2017, usually at the laundromat. This is also where I usually update this website, although right now I'm updating it in my bed. 

Played some shows in Europe with Cale Tyson. Van got broken into once. Played a weird honky tonk in Spain. Ate mostly bread and also you can buy these huge bottles of seltzer water over there (europe) called SPA and they come in different bubble strengths. Extremely tight. I liked the "intense" ones.

I started Call & Response, a weekly music series at the Blockhouse Bar. I curate the shows as well as lead the House Band. It's one of the best things I've ever done and I'm so happy to have it going. 

Did a bunch of sessions and made some records, most notably: played guitar on the upcoming Major Murphy record, played keys on the upcoming Open Sex record, engineered and produced the upcoming Kevin Krauter record. Released a new tape of solo material, available here.