Selected Discography


EZTV, Daylight - mixing

Spissy, Radio b/w Good For Me - engineering, mixing, production, drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion

Varsity, The Dogs Only Listen To Him / UFO - engineering, mixing, production

Kevin Krauter, Toss Up - engineering, mixing, production, drums, bass, keyboards, guitar

Thee Open Sex, White Horses - electric piano

Major Murphy, No. 1 - guitar, keyboards, percussion

Heaven Honey, Head Case - engineering and mixing, keyboards

Call & Response, House Band 2018 - engineering, mixing, drums

BCC, Demo - engineering, mixing, production, guitar, keyboards



Spissy, Easy Mirror  - drums, guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals, production

Jason Wilber, Reaction Time - drums, percussion



Ben Lumsdaine, Tape - drums, keyboards, engineering, production

Heidi Lynne Gluck, Pony Show - drums

Spissy, Spissy - drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals, production

Kyle Quass’ Special Guests, Darkness Made Light - drums



Liberation Music Collective, Siglo XII - drums

Lil Bub, Science & Magic: A Soundtrack to the Universe - drums



Cooked Books, End Times Forever - drums

Sophie Faught Trio, Three Muses - drums, composition



Living Well, With the One That I Love - guitar

Cooked Books, The Reader - drums

Sophie Faught Quartet, Day One - drums, composition

Sam Hoffman Quartet, The Return - drums

Kelley Deal, Shirt Crush single - drums

Theme song “Lil Bub’s Big Show” - drums, arrangement, production



Snaarj, Levels - drums